Tumbling classes
Tot tumbling – Ages 2-4, Working on handstands, forward rolls, cartwheels, and bridge kick overs. Parent participation is expected for this class. They do the same stations as our kick-over class
Kick Over Class – Ages 4-14 years, working on handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, backbend, and kick overs,
Back Handspring Class – Ages 6-18 years, working on power hurdles, round-offs, back walkovers, Front walkovers, back handsprings, and front handsprings.
Series Class – Ages 7-18 years, working on Round off back handsprings, Series of back handsprings both running and standing as well as back handspring variations.
Tucks + class – Ages 8-18 years, working on tucks, layouts, fulls both standing and running

Dance classes
Jazz – This style of class is based on dramatic or theatrical movements while using ballet techniques. Music is energetic and dynamic.
Ballet – A classical style that is the basis of all dance usually characterized as graceful and elegant. Music is usually classical and instrumental.
Hip Hop – A class that consists primarily of contemporary upbeat moves that are sharp and dynamic and have a “street style” of dance. Music will have a driving beat as well as high energy and fast-paced.
Acro and Flexibility – This class uses the tumbling aspect of gymnastics with the stretch and flexibility of ballet.
Drill Team Prep/ Dance Company Technique – Want to be a part of a school drill team? This class will teach you the kicks, turns, and leaps you will need to audition for your school team. This class will work on both the center floor and across the floor progressions to advance their dance technique. They will also combine their turns and leaps into combinations.

Courage Ninja Warrior Classes
What is Courage Ninja Warrior?? Courage Ninja Warrior is “the way through”, or “the path”. Courage Ninja Warrior classes at Courage will help your kids learn to safely and efficiently navigate through various obstacles, building strength and mobility, and reducing the impact to limbs and joints thus minimizing injuries. We aim to coach your kids to be the smartest ones on the playground, who actually have the most fun!!! We use the NinjaZone program to track progress and for lesson plans.