At Courage we believe that being active both in and out of school with either physical activity or fine art can truly enhance your brain as you grow and develop. That is why we created CASE (Courage After School Enrichment). To give your children a place to go after school where they can be active and you don’t have to worry about getting in the car line an hour before school is out. All you have to do is email the registration form. It does take about 5 days to get them added to the bus stop. We would love for them to be a part of this new program!

A Day in the CASE Program…
We will be picking up kids from all Liberty Hill Locations and bringing them to Courage. Upon arriving they will be met at the door by Coach Sam. Once inside the building, they will go to their classroom with Coach Sam to unwind and get ready for class. We don’t provide snacks but they can bring one or money for the vending machine! Then at 4pm they will go to one of the select classes either tumbling, dance, or Ninja Warrior class. Then at 4:45pm they will go upstairs for some quiet time for reading, coloring, or homework. Pick up time is at 6pm.

What is included in CASE?
Annual Supply/Registration fee: $45/Child or $95/Family
Tuition: 5 Days a week – $268/Month, 3 days a week $228/Month, 2 days a week $200/Month, 1 day a week $178/Month

We will be picking up kids from all Liberty Hill locations this year.

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